Monday, February 27, 2006

It must be a corollary to Murphy's Law

We're under siege! I'm hunkered down here in our new San Mateo bunker. Good thing we got the fridge and ordered pizza for everybody on Friday...

Okay, not really, but let's just say that interest has been running high on Vyatta the past few days. We did more web traffic on Friday than we had the past 6 months.

Of course, along with lots of traffic comes lots of scaling problems. It must be a corollary to Murphy's Law that a company's web presence is fated to crash immediately after the company announcement. Ours did on Sunday. Twice.

I got the call from Allan as I was heading into church. Robert drove to the data center and rebooted things, disabling our downloads for a while so we could debug stuff. I thought I had a solution developed with our web programmer, Tucker. I hacked that in and re-enabled things, and it promptly crashed again. Robert had to drive to the data center again and I got a nasty email when I copped to being the culprit. Now I'm on the hook for large quantities of alcohol to appease my cube-mate.

Ah, the joys of scaling a startup. At least people are interested. What if you threw a party and nobody came? ;-)

PS: I find it completely ironic that Blogger seems to be "down" just as I'm writing this...


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