Monday, February 19, 2007

Ship it...

Vyatta Community 2 (VC2) has left the building. Download it at the Vyatta web site.

This is a really significant event as it's the first community release based on a true Debian foundation. Previously, Vyatta used Debian package formats to bundle up the bits, but the package dependencies weren't based on true Debian releases. Thus, it was more difficult than it had to be to add software to a Vyatta-based system. What you would want as a user is to simply get ahold of something from Debian and install it. Unfortunately, in 1.0.x versions, this would most likely result in a whole bunch of errors with various dependencies not being met.

VC2 is compatible with Debian Etch. You should simply be able to load packages from that release onto your Vyatta system and it should just work smoothly. This is the first step is unleashing some of the creative energies of the growing Vyatta community. Next steps are to open up and document more fully the APIs that allow modules to be integrated into the CLI and web GUI. We'll have more to saw about that later.

For now, enjoy VC2. Report any problems or get support on the vyatta-users mailing list.


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