Monday, August 25, 2008

Vyatta Virtual Router on Hyper-V

We have lots of users who have configured virtualized Vyatta instances using both VMware and Xen. From time to time, we get asked whether Vyatta also runs in Microsoft's Hyper-V. The previous answer was always, "It should, but we haven't actually verified that it does. If you get it working, let us know."

Well, Stefan Stranger just blogged about using Vyatta in Hyper-V and provides a nice set of instructions and screen shots for getting it all up and running. The summary is that it's very straightforward.

So, add Hyper-V to the list of virtualization solutions supported by Vyatta.

Note that the only virtualization solution that we know Vyatta doesn't currently support are "containers"-like systems such as OpenVZ and the commercial products based on that architecture (e.g. Parallels Virtuozzo). OpenVZ uses a completely different, non-hypervisor-based model that requires "awareness" in the Vyatta system kernel. We haven't yet made those kernel mods, so Vyatta yet run on OpenVZ.


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