Thursday, March 30, 2006

Secret Society Success

The recent Secret Society party was a huge success! Allan already posted a bit on it. We had a bunch of folks interested in how open source is going to impact the network infrastructure market. That included users, engineers and technologists, business people, finance people, analysts, press, and just about everything in between. Basically, it was a great cross section of the world. The conversation ranged from features and functionality of XORP and the OFR, to open source business models, to what's Allan's kick with vanilla ice cream (I'm a strawberry guy, myself), and why I hate fax machines. All-in-all, it was great fun.

I think the best part for me was when Simon Crosby, Founder and CTO of XenSource, told me that he loved our web site. After scrambling to get it up and finished just as the Business 2.0 article was hitting newsstands, it felt nice to have the work recognized. I wanted something simple, non-corporate, and straight-to-the-point. Simon said we achieved that. Thanks, Simon! Props to Katie Bush, our graphic designer, and Matt Tucker, our web programmer; you guys made it a reality.

Hopefully, many people are now sipping coffee from their brand-spankin' new Vyatta logo coffee mugs, making their colleagues green with envy.

If you were wondering who was there and what we all looked like, I posted all the photos to Flickr. You can see some folks clutching their mugs. Enjoy!

If you missed this Secret Society meeting, please try to come in Vegas. We think the event will be the evening of May 2, but we'll get back to you with more info as we lock things down. We're growing, getting bigger every day. Hopefully, Interop in Las Vegas will afford some international people the opportunity to take part face-to-face.


Anonymous stephen said...

Hi, are there any forums to support vyatta yet? I've been trying to use it but can get more than a single NAT rule working... no multiple NAT rule, no firewall rules. The syntax is as per the docs but nothing happens (or rather the firewall blocks *everything*).
Please help

Mon Jul 31, 04:26:00 AM 2006  

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