Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vyatta's contribution

LWN.net's Jonathan Corbet wrote a nice article last week detailing where the work for the 2.6.29 Linux kernel is coming from. Reports like this get created from time-to-time from the git check-in data for the various patches and contributions that make up the kernel source code.

I'm pleased to report that Vyatta ranked very highly in the latest survey. In particular, Stephen Hemminger, Vyatta's resident kernel wizard extraordinaire, was ranked #4 in total changesets contributed to 2.6.29. Stephen is very involved with the Linux networking subsystem and many of the changes related to changes in the Linux networking APIs and fixing broken drivers to conform with the API changes. Thanks to Stephen's work, Vyatta also comes in at #14 on the list of changesets contributed by corporation. This is fairly significant when you see that the company we were keeping on the list includes mega-Linux supporters like Red Hat, Novell, and IBM, and then other mega-corporations like Oracle, Intel, and Nokia.


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